Hessonite, Horseranch Range, BC

Smoky Quartz "SPIDER-CUT"  - 
Emerald Lake, 200 north of Ross River, Yukon

SPIDER CUT, Quartz from Emerald Lake, Yukon

Emerald Lake is a beautiful and remote mineral locality tucked away in the Rogue Range of the Hess Mountains about 400 km NW of Whitehorse Yukon.  Famous for its huge smoky quartz sceptres and natural citrine crystals, Emerald Lake is also home to apatite, black tourmaline, scheelite, fluorite and feldspar crystals.  Quartz crystals range in size up to 1/2 metre or more.  In the mid 1990s I remember finding a double terminated smoky quartz crystal the size of my leg!  The quartz ranges in colour from colourless to very dark smoky to medium yellow and quartz gemstones reflect this colour range.

The quartz gems offered for sale on this page were collected at Emerald Lake, between 1994 and 1996.  With a hardness of 7 on Mohs' hardness scale, quartz is hard and tough enough to use in most jewellery.

The gems offered for sale on this page were all faceted with the SPIDER CUT. This is a style where a combination of polished and frosted facets produce a "SPIDER" pattern on the pavilion which is visible through the table. These gems look best on a dark or contrasting background.
I love the look of these gems! I hope you do too.

View from front. View from front. View from front. View from back. View from back.
Comment ...... This stone has a polished back and front. The "spider" is frosted on the back. This gem has a few hairs of the rare mineral "Kobellite", which is unique to quartz gems from Emerald Lake. From one angle colour zoning is visible in this gem.
Cut in Kingston, Ontario
Weight........... 32.64 carats Catalogue #..SW365
Dimensions... 24.3 mm Cut Style....... Round SPIDER cut
Colour............ Light smoky gray Clarity............ very slightly included with a few "kobellite" needles
Total Price.... Sold! GEC................ N  (Natural)  (Glossary of Terms)

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