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Yukon & Ontario Emerald Exploration

Yukon Emerald
Emerald crystal and gem (0.14 ct)
from Regal Ridge, Yukon

Emeralds were found in southeastern Yukon in 1998 near the town of Ross River. Prior to 2001, very little had been done to explore this property. A new mineral exploration company, True North Gems Inc., began its life in May 2001, and was originally is committed to explore for emeralds on Regal Ridge. True North Gems conducted exploration programs in 2001 through 2007 to evaluate the emerald potential of this property. I've been very fortunate to be included in the early stages of this project as one of the company's directors and as a field geologist.

True North Gems has since expanded its search for coloured gemstone and is actively exploring for to Ontario, Nunavut and Greenland.

In the spring of 2003 True North Gems began preliminary exploration on an emerald property in northwestern Ontario, near Dryden, called the Ghost Lake property. In 2004, True North Gems conducted a bulk sampling and geological mapping program. I have been fortunate to be involved in this project as well.

You can learn more about their activities at www.truenorthgems.com.


Emerald gem (0.11 ct)
from Regal Ridge, Yukon

Excavator on emerald zone,
Regal Ridge, Yukon
Emerald cab (2.10 ct)
Regal Ridge, Yukon

Ontario Emerald Exploration

  Backhoe at Ghost Lake,  
Dryden, Ont, 2004

Emerald in pegmatite,
Ghost Lake, Ont
  Brad sawing bulk sample,  
Ghost Lake, Ont, 2004

Emerald Cabochon (1.24 ct)
from Ghost Lake, Ont

Emerald crystal,
Ghost Lake, Ont
Emerald Xl & cab (2.34 ct)
Ghost Lake, Ontario

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