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Lightweight and Portable Tools
for Breaking Rock and Concrete!

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Safe!   Fast!    Economical!     

The Micro-BlasterTM is a safe, fast and economical system for cracking and breaking rock or concrete.  The system uses a special cartridge which is placed in a 5/16 inch diameter hole, drilled to a depth of 10-30 cm in the material being broken.  The Micro-Blaster is then placed in the hole and on top of the cartridge.  The user then triggers the Micro-Blaster from a safe location.  Because the loads are based on propellant technology, special blasting licenses are not usually required.  Holes for the Micro-Blaster system can be completed using small 110-volt rotary hammer-drills.  For portability, holes can also be drilled using lightweight battery or gasoline powered drills.  The small size of the Micro-Blaster system allows its use in almost any location.  Capable of breaking rock or masonry of almost any size by successive blasts, the Micro-Blaster does its job with almost no fly-rock.  Where a concern exists, fly-rock can be completely eliminated by covering materials to be cracked with light mats (old carpet works very well).

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