BMS Micro-Blaster II Kit  ....  $1,140.00 CDN
The BMS Micro-Blaster II is a safe, fast and economical system for cracking and breaking rock or concrete.  This kit uses a single Micro-Blaster head to initiate drill holes one at a time and is adequate for most jobs.  For jobs requiring the ability to break a larger mass of rock or concrete with a single blast consider trying the BMS Micro-Blaster II "Triple Head" Kit with three heads.

The small size of the Micro-Blaster system allows its use in almost any location.  Capable of breaking rock or concrete of almost any size by successive blasts, the Micro-Blaster does its job with almost no fly-rock.

Designed for many years of trouble free performance the basic kit weights only 4 1/2 kg. The durable molded case measures 38 x 30 x 15 cm and contains the Micro-Blaster II, a bore brush and bulb blower (for cleaning drilled holes), 2 tapered pins (for wedging apart cracked material), a CO2 bicycle inflator (for pressurizing the system), and instructions for safe use.

Checklist of supplies needed to use this Micro-Blaster Kit

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