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  Welcome to Alpine Gems. This site is devoted to gemstones from Canada. A catalogue of Canadian gemstones is available for viewing. Here a wide variety of gemstones are offered for sale. In addition, information about many Canadian gemstones localities is provided. Please surf and enjoy.

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I'm very excited to be able to offer for sale Yukon EMERALDS! These gems were recovered during part of an emerald exploration program by True North Gems. Please have a look!

Yukon Emerald ( > 1 carat),
Yukon Emerald ( 0.5 & 1 ct)
Yukon Emerald ( < half carat)

Past Updates

(added April, 2015)      Hessonite from Quebec
Peridot, from Lumby, BC
Peridot, from Williams Lake, BC

(added Nov., 2014)      Hackmanite from Ontario
   (Fluorescent & Tenebrescent)
Hackmanite from Quebec
   (Fluorescent & Tenebrescent)
Scapolite from Nunavut
    (Fluorescent & Tenebrescent)
Cat's Eye Scapolite from Nunavut
    (Fluorescent & Tenebrescent)

(added April, 2014)      Tourmaline from NWT, (facet)
Tourmaline from NWT, (cab)
Tourmaline from Nunavut,
Tourmaline from Ontario.

(added Nov., 2013)      Demantoid, Quebec.

(added October, 2013)      Iolite, Ghost Lake, NWT, and
Iolite, Geco Mine, Ontario.

(added June, 2013)      Sperrylite crystals from Ontario.

(added Dec., 2012)      Apatite, from NWT
Diopside, from Ontario
Eudialyte, from Quebec
Peridot, from British Columbia.

(added Sept., 2012)      Datolite, from Ontario,
Tenebrescent Hackmanite, Quebec,
Hessonite, from Quebec
Natrolite, from Quebec
Faceted Sodalite, from Ontario
Sphalerite, from Quebec

(added Spring, 2012)      Sperrylite Crystals from the Broken Hammer Deposit, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

(added May, 2012)      Amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

(added Fall, 2011)      Blue Apatite, Danford Lake, Quebec
Colour Change Fluorite, Ontario
Green Dot Grossular Garnet, Quebec
Quartz, Greely, Ontario

(added Spring, 2011)      This is the second batch of sapphires I've had from Baffin Island, Nunavut and are part of a "True North Gems" market test.

Baffin Sapphires 1/2 - 0.30 carat
Baffin Sapphire (minus 0.30 carat)
Baffin Sapphires, matched pairs

(added Spring, 2011)      OPAL from Vernon BC
Emerald from Ontario
Moonstone from Nunavut.

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